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Learn to sail with our sailing school

Whether you are a beginner sailor, or, with already some experience, you aim to improve your competencies to become a reliable skipper, sailing in France will help you grow your sailing skills with one of the best existing teaching method .

The French sailing school is among the oldest in the world, with its flagship the "ecole de voile des Glenans", biggest and oldest sailing school in Europe.


For those who never stepped on a deck as well as for the more experienced ones, France offers absolutely every types of nautical environments to practice and learn.

The French have an original way of teaching sailing. Skills are taught gradually in a program that is spread over 5 skill levels. You usually start at level 1 to "give it a try" and learn the basics of sailing. If you liked it, then you can progressively follow up, acquiring skills at your own pace. The status of "skipper", if that is your objective, is the conclusion of a program of training experiences spread over a minimum of 6 to 8 weeks. French consider that this is what is required to take the full responsibility of a boat and its crew. So do we!

Having practiced this training system first hand, we believe in it and decided to adopt it.

Evaluate and choose here your sailing skill levels

Sailing training activities

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