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Sailing skill levels guide

Sailing in France sailing school uses the French system of skill levels to organize its training courses. Here is a guide to help you choose the one that best suits your needs.


You have never stepped on a deck and want to give it a try, or maybe you did and it gave you the desire to go a step further and start learning the art of sailing. Well, welcome on board!

In this level, you'll learn the basics of sailing: How to trim sails to move the boat, how to tack and gibe, how to adopt security behaviors. You will also start learning marine terminology and much more...

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You already have acquired the basic sailing skills and wish to move a step further to strengthen your skills? This level is for you.

Level 2 focuses on consolidation. You will learn through practice how to finely handle the boat under quite to moderate weather conditions, in open sea as well as in harbours or creeks ; how to reliably prepare the boat for maneuvers ; how to effectively follow up navigation ; etc.

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You already can handle the boat reliably under quite to moderate weather conditions? You want now to keep on improving skills and acquire experience to feel confident on water whatever the condition? That is your level.

Upon completion of level 3, you will be able to handle the boat in any conditions under the general supervision of your skipper. You will learn how to prepare the boat for rough conditions, how to handle the spinnakers and gennaker ; You will practice mooring maneuvers in the presence of strong winds and currents. A special focus is also put on navigation: you will be trained to design, follow up and update the navigation planning of the day, taking into account weather forecasts, tides and local specificities. Etc.

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You consider yourself a competent crew sailor. You have acquired enough knowledge and experience to handle the boat and accomplish all maneuvers in any conditions. You now wish to move to the next step and become a skipper.


This level will prepare you to take the full responsibility of a boat  and its crew members. It focuses on cruise planning, extended navigation techniques, crew organization and fine understanding of all direct and indirect security factors.

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You have already accumulated a significant experience as a skipper. You are interested in performance and competition. You wish to become an expert and meet other sailors who share your passion. This level has been designed for you.

This level focuses on fine tuning the boat to get the best performance out of it. It prepares also to competition with special modules about technologies, navigation routing strategies and race environment.

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