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About us

Sailing in France is born out of our desire to share all the gorgeous emotions that we have experienced sailing in this beautiful country over the years.

Brittany, the Atlantic coast, The Mediterranean Sea with Corsica, the Martinique in the Caribbean Sea or the French Polynesia in the Pacific Ocean among many other places. The French maritime domain is the second largest in the world, covering more than 10 million km2 and 5 500 km of coast, spreading over 7 seas and oceans under almost all known types of climates. It's probably more than most of us will be able to explore in our entire life :-)

So here we are, whether you are interested in improving your sailing skills in a wide variety of environments, in taking advantage of the vast cultural and architectural heritage that generations have left over the centuries along the French coasts or just in enjoying the loveliness of its beautiful maritime landscapes. Join us. We hope that sailing in France will fill you with the same joy and happiness as the one we have experienced!

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