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"The sails of Saint-Tropez" sailing event

Saint-Tropez, Riviera, Mediterranean Sea, France

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Saint-Tropez. Riviera. Mediterranean sea. France. Map
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The sails of Saint Tropez is a unique sailing event, taking place in the typical city of Saint tropez, on the French Riviera, and gathering about 300 boats, mixing old legendary racing yachts and modern racers. No, we won't participate in the race :-) But we will sail the Mediterranean among those beauties and visit the region.


There is no prerequisite to join.



The event takes place at Saint-Tropez, a beautiful and famous city in the South of France, on the French Riviera. We will depart from a Marina located not far from Saint-Tropez.


The first 1 or 2 days, according to the experience of the team, will be spent gently training, while exploring the area and getting near of our objective at the same time. We will then attend the festivities at Saint-Tropez for the next 3 days, and eventually go back to our starting point during the last 2 days.


We will sail on a comfortable yacht specially selected for this event  for a team of 8 persons maximum, instructor included.


Upon completing the cruise, you will be delivered an official sailing certificate mentioning the number of miles and general navigation conditions.


We will welcome you on board at the Marina on Saturday afternoon and will free you one week later on Friday evening. You will receive detailed instructions after enrollment.

  • This sailing tour will take place in France, so if you need a visa to travel in this country, please give yourself enough time to get it to avoid stress and disappointment.

  • Alcohol can be a real security problem on a boat. As a consequence, it is only authorized in reasonable quantity when safely moored after navigation.

  • Upon enrollment, you will receive a "sailor guide" to be sure you have all information you need to enjoy yourself.

1250 €

  • Licensed English speaking skipper, perfectly knowing the area

  • Sailing yacht

  • Yacht insurance

  • Life jackets

  • Plane tickets and transfers to and from the marina

  • Food, petrol and harbor fees

  • Sailor clothing

  • Personal insurance

Invite friends and family

  • Bring 1 friend and you get      10%
  • Bring 2 friends and you get     20%
  • Bring 3 persons and you get    35%
  • Bring 4 persons and you get    50%
*   The offer is permanent
** The offer is cumulative with all other promotions.
** The discount applies to your order only.
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